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About the STOPandGO Campaign

The STOPandGO safe driving campaign was started in June 2005 with the intent of encouraging safe, efficient, and comfortable driving for the benefit of both the individual driver and other drivers on the road.

At this time, our efforts are focused primarily on the Tappan Zee Bridge/I-287 corridor in the metropolitan New York area. This particular spot has been identified as an area where the STOPandGO technique could markedly improve traffic conditions.

Our campaign for safe driving focuses on some of the basic underpinnings of courteous driving. These are all things we learned before obtaining a driver's license, but often forget to put to use during everyday commutes.

  • Keep a safe following distance (avoid tailgating)
  • Allow oncoming/exiting vehicles to merge (share the road)
  • Go with the flow of traffic (not too fast, not too slow)
  • Be aware for changing conditions (read the road)
  • Avoid excessive lane changes (don't zig-zag)

The campaign is currently personally funded by its founder, but we are seeking grants to further our cause. If you are interested in assisting the campaign materially or fiscally, please contact us.

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