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If you are researching traffic safety, transportation engineering, road rage, or any of the innumerable topics pertaining to our roadways, you've come to the right place.

Aggressive Driving
Spatial and temporal analyses of the variations in aggressive driving and road rage behaviors observed and reported on San Diego freeways (Download)
Sheila Sarkar, Alanna Martineau, Mohammad Emami, Mohammad Khatib, & Karen Wallace San Diego State University
A review of the literature on aggressive driving research (Download)
Leo Tasca Ontario Advisory Group on Safe Driving Secretariat: Road User Safety Branch
Can speeding be justified? (Download)
Sarah Redshaw -- Project Director, Driving Cultures School of Cultural Histories and Futures, University of Western Sydney, Australia
Aggressive driving is emotionally impaired driving (Download)
Dr. Leon James & Dr. Diane Nahl University of Hawaii
An educational programme for aggressive drivers (Download)
Benedicte Félix, Ludo Kluppels, Claire Meulemans, Bart Vandenreijt, & Anne Wiseur IBSR-BIVV Research and Advice Department, Belgium
Highway Code and aggressive violations in UK drivers (Download)
Stephen G. Stradling & Michelle L. Meadows Transport Research Institute, Napier University, Edinburgh, UK. & Department of Psychology, University of Staffordshire, UK.
A preliminary heuristic model of aggressive behaviour in drivers (Download)
Lawrence P. Lonero Northport Associates
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