[Traffic Signal]
Two-headed red/yellow/green left-turn traffic light Engine Brakes Prohibited, 10PM to 6AM, Emergency Only Autoexpresso (Puerto Rican version of EZ Pass) No Parking (At Any Moment)
"Warning!  The military is conducting training exercises in this area.  There is no live ammunition.", "Danger!  Thin ice, keep off" "No way!  Do not enter!", "Boundary, Private property, Beyond this sign please do not trespass", "Road closed", "Private Drive" Not a public road, Use at own risk Left-turn signal lights on top of traffic light
Overheight vehicle warning sign system Park disabled cars behind cones Form one lane No humping in this area
Stop; Traffic does not stop Resume normal speed No trespassing any time; South 23A Rockland County No trespassing, town property (along public road)
Deaf area Reserved for Clue II Stop - Dismount; Close clearance Caution; Watch for pedestrians; McDonalds
Danger; No parking on sidewalk culvert below Caution; Speed bump cars backing out of bays A huge wig-wag flashing left turn arrow Roadway floods
Left turn; 5 m.p.h. advisory speed Be alert for bicycles on bridge Notice; It is unlawful to operate unlicensed motor vehicles, mini-bikes, or all terrain vehicles, on private property without the express or prior written consent of the owner Stop sign reading: E-Z; Look!
Keep a safe following distance Land of make believe, next right Long 3 minute light; Controls one way traffic; Wait for green Tappan Zee Br; Palisades St Pkwy; Keep right
Keep min one space apart Trucks over 21,000 lbs gross weight stop 1,000 ft Shamokin; Pottsville Fog area
D.U.I. - You can't afford it Litter crew ahead Slippery winter conditions; Next 1/2 mi. Pet area
Slow down, my mommy works here Use both lanes to merge point Merge here; Take your turn Emergency pull-off 1/4 mile
Anti-icing in progress when flashing No guide rail Be alert; Heavy truck traffic Buckle up next million miles
Black detour Watch your mirrors on both sides Shoulder zone ahead Uneven pavement (graphic)
Fender bender?  Drive damaged vehicles to shoulder Low flying aircraft Hotel pick-up drop-off; Valet zone drop off pick up New traffic pattern
Warning; No Lowboys; High grade at R R No edge lines "Duck crossing (with graphic) Watch for traffic backups; Be prepared to stop
Injure / kill a worker; $7500, 15 years Mobile patrol when station closed the Henry Ford Warning; Decoy area
Complete left turn on red when traffic clears Left turn allowed on red after stop Emergency (plaque) Skyway alternate route
Verbose exit signage during construction Congested area ahead 60/89 = 0.674 (Fractional State Route) Cheat Lake; Fairchance Rd
Lane ends, merge left (with graphic arrows) Maryland wildlife; Watch for it!  Stay alert (Stop sign blank) Do not enter 7 to 9:30AM, One Way, Monday-Friday, Except Holidays
Notice: Double parking prohibited at all times Homeland security code orange; No parking or standing; Federal security zone; Warning: unauthorized vehicles will be ticketed and towed; by order of the United States Marshall (statute number) Do not enter; except tourmobile Dumptruck (graphic)
Pedestrians; You must push button to call for walk signal Right lane do not block intersection Right turn only in to curb lane My daddy works here; Slow down please
Warning; Work area speed limit ahead; Fines double in work area Right turn only; Ahead 2 blocks Security alert; For your protection, all bags, packages, backpacks, coolors, or belt bags are prohibited in the event area, all aforementioned items will be subject to inspection before entering or while inside the event area. Horse and buggy crossing (graphic)
No turns from shoulder Left turn signal; Red ball and green arrow lit at the same time (pictured) Split right turn lanes Bicycle stop on stop line for green
Slow (plain yellow caution sign with glass reflector) Covered sidewalk ahead 6 mph (speed limit) No right turn (with weird graphic and diagonal mounting)
To US1 and I93, construction orange HP-V Plate Parking Blind pedestrian crossing Rest area, coffee break supplemental plaque
Warning, this area subject to surveillance Warning, full stop ahead Slow pedestrian's walking Letchworth Village Developmental Center; Speed Limit 20 mph; NO: Parking on grass, parking on sidewalks, passing, hitchhiking, parking in loading zones, parking in fire lanes; Pedestrians always have the right of way; Be extra careful when proceeding through this facility
3 mi per hour area Not a through way; Caution, mud conditions Suggested speed 25 m.p.h. Slow pedestrian area (red text on white sign)
Traffic signal with minus, yellow, and plus Pedestrian signal head on bus signal post Yield right of way To help serve you better - please do not use your cell phone while in the drive-thru
Chili's to-go parking only, 10 minute limit, all others will be crushed and melted (feat. Gift cards available plaque) Yield to peds (graphic and text) Crannell St, pedestrian walkway, no vehicles allowed Don't be a litterbug (graphical, legacy)
No parking in driveway, No parking in driveway (black sign, white lettering) Plastic crash guards and Do Not Enter sign on closed road Slow, We love our children Do not back up (fluorescent yellow-green)
DE Anti-terror tip line, 1-(800)-FORCE-1-2 Red light photo enforced (with signal graphic) DUI 1 killed here (with name plaque) Stop here on red signal (with yellow arrow and sign post reflector)
Signals set for 20 mph (with yellow wig-wag flashers) No fishing, No parking or standing Longitudinal rumble strips (Palisades Center, West Nyack, NY) No parking (P.D.)
Happy children at play, No loitering after dusk, Speed limit 15 (ARC) Caution (with strange car symbol) Sorority "N" permit parking only Stop by the visitors center to obtain a transponder, Students with Garage Permits are Assigned to Park on the Ground & Top Levels Only
Road Closed (fluorescent yellow-green, with orange spray paint for detour) Capacity of bridge, 7 ton   
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